This is a template for JSDoc 3.

Image of Spotlight template

Getting Started

You'll need to run the following command the first time to install dependencies.

npm install

Configure options for documentation generation in your conf.json file :

  "name": "<Project name>",
  "plugins": ["templates/spotlight/plugins/categories"],
  "categoryfile" : "path/to/categories.json"

As this template uses the @category tag, you'll need to create a categories.json file :

  "category_1" : {"displayName" : "<Category 1>"},
  "category_2" : {"displayName" : "<Category 2>"},
  "category_3" : {"displayName" : "<Category 3>"},

Note that you don't have to use them, but ensure that categories.json still exists.

Then generate your documentation with the usual command (change path if needed) :

jsdoc src.js -a all -c conf.json -t spotlight -R readme.md

Rebuild project and expanding the library

To rebuild project, just run the following command :

npm run build

This will minify both src/static/js/scripts.js and src/static/css/styles.less. demo/docs will be also be updated so you can have a preview of your changes.

  • Less processing is performed with Less.
  • File minification is performed with Babel minify.
  • Documentation is generated with JSDoc 3.
  • Syntaxic coloration for JavaScript, JSON and HTML is rendered with Highlight.js

The template is designed to support mobile devices, but is optimized for desktop.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

See LICENSE.md file for details.